IINDACO: Two I’s in “IINDACO” to symbolise a concept forged from an exceptional friendship between two women. Two I’s that take after the number 11 – the month of November, when the two souls of the brand, Pamela Costantini and Domitilla Rapisardi were born. Two very different women, yet so attuned to one another. A contemporary idea in luxury footwear made in Italy that reflects a specific notion: Indigo – that particular shade of blue, that special moment where the evening is about to become night. The notorious “blue hour”, when shadows disappear as the sun sets. That singular moment – dusk – when women step out of their daily routines and into the night, into the city. Cocktails. Dinner. A party.



IINDACO is not just a new brand of footwear Made in Italy, most of all, IINDACO is a challenge, a new way of doing business in the fashion world.
IINDACO’s mission is to innovate luxury through the use of a circular economy model that may become a reference for the sector ultimately leading to a more virtuous economy. The creators of the brand, young women with a decade of experience in the fashion sector, explain, “When we decided to create IINDACO, a brand of contemporary footwear designed in response to problem situations we grew up with, we wondered how to proceed and still stay as close to our vision as we could; that is, how to create a beautiful, appealing luxury product that’s also intelligent and aware, like the women we target.” Because IINDACO is the new green.
Pamela Costantini – IINDACO’s voice of reason – a creative with a touch that’s practical and concise.
Inspired by the love and care her father had for his riding boots which he passed onto her, it is this specific ritual care that helped her develop a passion for men’s shoes, focusing on stylistic sobriety combined with a love for a minimalistic elegance that comes from refined details. With a fondness for reworking cuts and patterns, Costantini provides a refreshing take based on rationalist architecture. This, combined with a decade’s worth of experience for leading international brands in footwear and consulting has driven her to the genesis of IINDACO.
Domitilla Rapisardi – IINDACO’s free spirit – a collector of emotions who goes with the flow and is continuously attracted by newness.
Having grown up with shoes in Florence, alongside a business her grandfather had founded post-WWII, Rapisardi is no stranger to the industry. After years of work in the luxury sector, she’s learned how to combine her background and know-how of Florentine leather goods with today’s demands.
But above all, she knows that in today’s world, luxury means awareness, compelling her to the conception of IINDACO.