Alizée Gamberini


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Word of the moment?

Reinvent yourself.

The path we initially choose is not always the right one: unforeseen happenings come along with new opportunities and challenges that make one break or grow… in short: life is always full of surprises, both good and bad, but in the end, it‘s about the reaction and the ability to adapt to these changes.

The La Dolce Vita project refers exactly to this concept of rebirth and reaction; grew from the desire to get involved and to find the courage to follow our own dreams in order to make both ours and the lives of others sweeter.

Speaking of sweetness, we immediately thought of Alizée Gamberini, who isn‘t an ordinary cute girls but rather shows us how you can reinvent yourself on a daily basis and embark on new adventures.

She was born in Montpellier, in the South of France and she moved to Paris only 3 years ago to finish her law studies. She always felt that the Law industry wasn’t her future, but she decided to study it anyway to take time to think about her life. She has never been the kind of person who would work in an office or for someone so once she finished her studies she took the risk to work as a full time model and digital creator, which changed her life.

“I am very happy today to have the chance to do what I like. And if one day I won‘t like it anymore I will change. I am living the moment…” A.G.

Inspired by her feed and her refined taste, we asked her to interpret La Dolce Vita in her own way, to style our Anita Slippers and visualize how they become part of her sweet daily life.

What’s the perfect occasion to wear the IINDACO Anita slippers?

“Next date with my boyfriend. 🖤”

Let us introduce you our new IINDACO WOMAN Alizée Gamberini.

11 Questions for Alizée Gamberini

1 Hi Alizée! As an ice breaker, can you tell us 5 words that describe you best?






2 Gamberini is an Italian last name. What’s your link to Italy?
My dad’s name is Gamberini and yes, it‘s Italian obviously. My family is from Florence – such a beautiful and romantic city. I remembered last Christmas, we were in the countryside near Milan in my brother’s house cooking delicious Italian dishes. Food is clearly one of my favorite things about Italy. But what I like the most is its History and Art Culture which are truly amazing and huge.

3 Whether you lived in different countries or travelled the world: which is your dream city or which place has touched your heart the most?
Seoul, South Korea touched my heart the most. I have always been fascinated by South Korean culture, I had the chance in 2019 to go there 3 times. The vibe there is the best. So inspiring.

4 Being a woman today and especially in fashion industry is not always easy. Have you ever faced difficulties or what were/are your challenges?
I do not really like to make a difference between men and women, I think we all face some difficulties at work. The fashion industry is a very particular world and I think it’s very important to stay who you are, not being influenced, but to be strong and patient, not everybody is made for this world.

5 Do you have a trick to think/stay positive?
I am a very positive girl. I do not have any trick to think or stay positive. I just think it is the best way to succeed in your life. And I want to succeed and be happy, be proud of myself and people around me. Don’t waste your time with bad vibes.

6 Do you have any secret hobbies or passions?

I am addicted to music. I am always listening to it. Discovering new artists. It’s very important for me to have a music culture. I love every song that touches my soul. I like to write what happens in my life in a diary, I do that since I am a child. So you can imagine, I have a lot of diaries at home.

7 Saturday night: Would you rather stay in or go out?
Ah, very difficult question ! I love to stay home with my boyfriend, with a bunch of food and watching Netflix all night or talking about our dreams and future. But I also really like to go out and dance all night long. I have to admit I prefer to got out during the week, not on the weekends. So I will say that on a Saturday night I would rather stay calm at home. But on Thursday and Friday I am a little devil.

8 Can you tell us a little bit about the shooting with the ANITA Slippers, what was your inspiration?
When I saw the ANITA Slippers for the first time, I was immediately inspired by their simplicity and softness. The clothes had to be secondary, I wanted the shoes to be the superstars.

9 For IINDACO “La Dolce Vita” is symbolic for rebirth, a second chance – did you ever get or give a second chance?
I think we are always giving second chances to people in our lives. It’s very personal and intimate to talk about it but it is an eternal circle. We all give, gave or were given a second chance.

10  #BeSweeter: What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for someone or someone else did for you?
I am a very strong person but I have the sweetest heart. And I can’t be surrounded by people who are not sweet. It’s very important for me. I want to share with you my last Valentine‘s day with my boyfriend because it’s the best example of sweetness from both of us. I wrote him a love letter (a very long one) and I told him to meet me on the Pont Neuf in Paris because I know a secret spot there and there is also our favorite tree: a big weeping willow in the middle of the Seine river. When we arrived, we saw the best sunset, then we went to the tree and I read my love letter to him. We spent some time there watching Paris and realizing our luck to live in this city. Then he took me by the hand and told me to hurry up because a taxi driver was waiting for us to drive us to a restaurant, where he had secretly booked a table for us. We arrived in an amazing hotel, Particulier in Montmartre, and its restaurant was decorated for love birds and we truly had the most wonderful night there. 

I have so many other examples but it’s too long to tell. Be sweet with your loved ones !

11 Hopes/wishes for the future?
I would like that all people I love are in good health and happy.

I would like to buy my own apartment in Paris. 

I would like to create new projects like for example buy a creative space to showcase artists. 

I would also like to travel all around the world with my boyfriend