Emma Rowen Rose


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It was late November, I was walking on the streets of Florence on the phone with Pamela, it was cold but we had an idea, at home I had no signal so I started going around the block, the conversation had to continue, we were very excited.
“In my opinion she is fantastic!”
“We have to contact her!”
“Now? Now ?”
“Tomorrow too, if she’ll like our idea it would be great”
“I wish she would be the first ambassador …”

I don’t know if you remember the pleasant feeling of victory that we used to feel when we were young and we managed to bring back that annoying and impossible equation.
That satisfaction for those correct calculations, that sense of peace because everything was in the right place and the reasoning returned.
Here, that day we felt that way.
And with the idea of ​​having reached the perfect result, we discussed how and when to get in touch with Emma Rowen Rose.

What is the most difficult thing you’ve experienced so far?
“Nothing is easy.”

So 23-year-old Emma Rowen Rose faces her life, an awareness that despite age she wears with ease. The french designer with a multicultural background, is making a name for herself for her style and talent. Always been captivated by art in all forms, we can say Emma is an artist who has chosen to express herself through clothes. She detests vulgarity and rejects the dictates of the consumerist hierarchy of fashion.
Intelligent and complex her style is refined, imbued with vintage references but pleasantly modern. 
Since she was 13 Emma has been devoting her life to fashion; multitasking today in the field, the designer, thanks to her independent and bold personality, created her own collections with ROWEN ROSE in 2018. 
For this, and much more, she could only be our first IINDACO women, ambassador and face of the first collection “Blue Hour”.

– Hey Emma! What does the ” Blue Hour ” mean for you?
“In summer the Blue Hour is the prettiest and most relaxing moment of the day, the most mystical as well”

and so our interview began…


11 Questions for Emma Rowen Rose

1 Please describe yourself in 5 words
“I am actually all about contraries, between unbothered and worried, sensitive and strong…it’s tricky, I might say: Passionée, Creativa, Intensywny, Sensible and Logical?
(Using all the languages I speak, because being multicultural describes me a lot as well – French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and English)”

2 Your favorite color?
All of them?

3 Which historical period do you think you belong to, and why?
“The complexity of my taste and my aesthetics resides in the fact that I feel like I belong to many different periods, and I represent a mix of them. I like mixing periods in my looks, my interiors, my art…I enjoy Versailles as much as I love an industrial loft, that’s me. I can love a French Royal 18th century style mixed with 70s/80s garments and keeping a 2020 modernity.”

4 When you create, what is something you like to do that other people might consider “weird” if they knew?
I start a collection just like a writer would start a book, with research. It is a very meticulous process and I never start a single drawing before having the full story in mind and all the necessary references. Being a designer fells very artistic but it is also very studied to me.
Then, when i start designing i do it using 4 different type of pencils and  that’s it. Usually I keep the sketches in black and white to create the colors and print in my head.

5 Why did you start your brand?
I started the brand in July 2018, and presented the first collection in September 2018 in Paris.
I posted some pieces I made on social media, to enrich my personal portfolio to show new employers, but realized I got a lot of requests from Press and Buyers so I thought that maybe having my brand was what I was meant to do?
Then I sold my car to do the first collection.

6  What is like being a young woman entrepreneur in 2020?
“We can consider ourselves extremely lucky to be women now and not women in the past.
But even today with our contemporary rights, we still have to work twice as hard to get recognition, twice because we are women, and twice because we are young.
I absolutely love being a woman, and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but there is no real advantage of being a female entrepreneur in the industry. We are usually not taken as seriously and sometimes sexualized without any reason. But being a female in the fashion industry in general could help with the relationships with models for example, or being more sensitive and creative.”

Emma Rowen Rose - IINDACO WOMAN

7 You naturally exude confidence and inspiration, have you always felt this confident about yourself and what you’re doing?
I have never been confident, I always overthink and question myself as well as my work. To me it is the key to do a good job: not being too sure. Challenging and questioning your capacities and work can be very self-destructing and I am, but at the same time it forces me to do better, always.
I am not shy at all, but I am private, and I don’t show too much. This is maybe my way of protecting myself from the world. I am comfortable with my weaknesses so I just act as myself in public, being private. Because that’s who I am that’s why people feel I am confident or snobbish! But Fashion makes me confident I guess.

8 What do you think about your generation and their problems?
In my opinion the biggest challenges that my generation is currently facing are global warming and pollution and what i think is that If we are not efficient enough the future generation will have to face the same problems. About my generation i feel both close and removed, I feel sometimes a little like an outsider in terms of style and interests: I don’t wear streetwear and sneakers and doing the job I do isn’t common for a 23 years old. On the other hand I am present on social media, I am still a millennial.

9 What about your problems ? How can you deal with an heavy work day?
When it is a long and heavy work day I just try to deal with it.
Then at night when I am back home I enjoy a relaxing time with my boyfriend and cats, they are my peace. I try to separate myself from work problems at home. It is my safe place where I sing a lot and I write, poetry or songs. We actually composed some songs with my boyfriend, he is a good instrumentalist.

10 Yey, cats! Could you tell us a little more about them?
This could take a while…I love my cats but not sure it is fascinating for other people!
June, the female, is very smart and sophisticated. She has a strong temper and personality but is the most needy and cuddly baby. She is definitely not a pushover. Giorgio, the male, is the sweetest cat, you can play around as you like with him and he will always be ok. He is very funny, very clumsy, a little dumb sometimes! But so loving and pretty. And loves playing around. Both are very complementary, very different.
They are my home and I give them as much as they give me, it’s a real love affair! We have a real family with them and my boyfriend.

11 This is so cute! anyway, let’s put a cap on this conversation: do you feel that you are currently realizing your dreams?
Let’s say that I am in the process…