Emmanuelle Koffi


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And you, what would you do to make other people’s lives sweeter?
Sometimes, showing your commitment and involvement in a major cause is much easier than you think.
We often underestimate the value of small things, we take them for granted and just because they are small we believe that they are worth nothing, we feel that it is never enough and therefore ineffective.
Fortunately, this is not the case, and with the project “La Dolce Vita” IINDACO pays tribute to those unnoticed gestures, to those habits taken for granted, to those moments, those ideas, those actions that build our happiness every day.
For us, La Dolce Vita means rebirth, when we shake off the difficult moments looking at the future with pride and courage, it means to return to appreciate the simpler pleasures alone and with others.
To tell you about this project, we spent a day with the delightful Emmanuelle Koffi, 23-year-old influencer and content creator, who together with the photographer Iulia Matei described the little pleasures of Paris as our new IINDACO WOMAN.

Emmanuelle is in fact in love with the city that now she calls home, originally from Togo & Benin she grew up in Africa (Senegal, Mali, Togo) and then moved to the fashion capital to follow her dreams and passions. When she saw our sandals she fell in love with them, thinking about how she could style them for a perfect vacation in the south of France.

For IINDACO “La Dolce Vita” is symbolic for rebirth, a second chance – did you ever experience a situation like this?

I feel like I experience it when I fall asleep being really down and maybe received some bad news or am just in a bad mood and then wake up again the next morning. Every new day is a second chance and you can make the best out of it.
Curious and determined at the same time, she would not be able to describe herself in a few words as those that could be on point today, may not be tomorrow.

More to add? Well, we are delighted to share with you this beautiful shooting and without further ado we present you Emmanuelle.

11 Questions for Emmanuelle Koffi

1 Talking about taking the second chance, what’s your instant mood booster that helps you making the best of a new day?
Doing some sport but also staying in bed relaxing reading a book or watching films.

2 Do you have any suggestions about how we can be sweeter in our everyday life?
By paying attention to other people‘s feelings.

3 a purpose of this has it never happened to you to have a “meet cute” with a stranger? Or did a stranger ever do something sweet for you?
One of the best situation is when someone randomly smiles at me. It’s such a small thing but it makes me happy.

4 Same question the other way round: Did you ever do something nice for a stranger and would you do it again?
I’ve helped a woman in the stairs with her stroller. Of course I’ll do it again.

5 Our generation has seen a lot of social changes. What’s your wish for the future?
I hope for a real change. A general consciousness and will of peace and equality that will transform our society. It feels like a decade of revolution for women, for people of colors for LGBTQ community and also environmental concerns. Everyone should take part in these causes.

6 A thing you’ve learned during the first half of 2020?
We can’t control everything in life.

7 Whether you lived in different countries or travelled the world: which is your dream city or which place has touched your heart the most?
Paris. It’s my dream city and it feels like home to me even if I wasn’t born here.

8 What does “home” mean to you?
Somewhere where I’m happy to go back after some time away

9 For your job you have to put yourself out there a lot and be confident – have you always felt that way? Do you have a trick to feel more confident? Or is there anything that makes you feel confident especially?
I don’t really feel confident most of the time but I’m working on it. I’m quite shy and being an influencer is helping me to be more open and confident. To be confident you have to trust yourself without searching for approval. Whenever I doubt myself I remember that the most important thing is to trust my instinct. My trick to feel confident is to wear an outfit that makes me feel good. Fashion definitely helps me with that.

10 How and why did you start to work in fashion? Where do you find inspiration?
I’ve always loved clothes and dressing up and I wanted to work in an industry I really had an interest for. I find inspiration in every thing. In the streets, in films, music and art. Everything that touches my heart, everything where I find beauty in.

11 Final question: Is there any message or advice you would like to share with us?
Love always.