La Niña

It happens that we stop, that we remain staring at the void.

We get lost as tourists distracted by our thoughts in a limbo of dreams and reality.

It is not an unknown sensation but we often tend to ignore it for fear of losing the connection with what surrounds us. Sometimes this journey is instead gently accompanied by the perfect soundtrack, Virgilio of this journey, recalling moments in what we normally name a “daydream”.

This is why we want to introduce you to LA NIÑA and her music. It does not matter to share one’s story with her own, it is not necessary to know her origins or her path, the music of LA NIÑA is evocative, its sounds and its lyrics pluck those mnemonic strings that often unfortunately remain dormant.

A music inspired and dedicated to women.

“Chi tene ‘o mare

‘O sape ca è fesso e cuntento

Chi tene ‘o mare ‘o ssaje

Nun tene niente”.


Who has the sea (inside)

He knows he is foolish and happy

You know, who has the sea

He has nothing ..


Carola Moccia, aka LA NIÑA, carries these words of Pino Daniele carved in her soul, she is a woman with an indisputable and mysterious talent. 

Raised in San Giorgio a Cremano, the city of the great Italian actor and director Massimo Troisi, lives since three years in Pozzuoli together with her life partner, as well as half of the LA NIÑA project, KWSK NINJA (@kawasakiningia).


Sensual, innovative but with firm roots in tradition, this year she launched her first EP “Eden” and we thought it could have been the perfect time to get to know her.


What does the blue hour mean for you?



It is an honor for us to introduce you to Carola Moccia

La Niña

11 Questions for LA NIÑA

1 What did you study?

I graduated in Philosophy, but I also wanted to do astrophysics, the sky deserves to be known, I think life is less hard up there.

2 When you were little what did you think you were growing up? Have music and dance always played a major role in your life?

My father tells me that I often said I wanted to become a doctor, since I was a child I have always felt a sense of challenge towards death, I dreamed of taking away its power and making it a stage in life, not its end.

But then the music prevailed, on the other hand, as the Greeks said: art makes eternal and transcends temporality.

My father is also a musician, my mother has always written songs and when I was little they took me with them to hear them play in clubs. My life has always had a soundtrack, and music has always called me, I just decided to really listen to it only around the age of 12 when I wrote my first song. Dance too has always had a central role, I have always danced everything, my joy and my pains, with dance I free the body and with music the mind, both of which allow me to sublimate my earthly experiences in magic, or at least for me this is an inexplicable magic.

3 It seems that you are making your dream come true, are you satisfied or do you keep dreaming?

One thing does not exclude the other, so yes to both.

However, I do not believe that human beings are destined for “satisfaction”, I believe that if I were permanently satisfied my life would be static, because I would not be hungry for change. Music has always helped me to become myself, not to be.

4 You weren’t always LA NIÑA as we know you now, what has changed?

As I wrote before, music is for me a process of transformation and liberation, and it is evident that in my pre-NIÑA lives I was still looking for my true voice, because the first time I felt really free was when I wrote “Croce”.

I always played in other bands as a session player and I also had another project where I sang in English but both experiences taught me that I was putting too much distance between what I was and what I sang, the two things did not coincide.

Now everything is different, perhaps also because Neapolitan is such a visceral language that it manages to take control of you and not vice versa.

Sometimes the only way to be in balance is to totally lose control.

5 Your first EP is out and we are in love with it, what can you tell us about Eden? Why this name?

Eden for me is a beginning and a destination at the same time.

It was born out of the need to free myself from the past, to dance my traumas and whisper what once deafened me.

Nothing I write is ever a true point of arrival, despite being a “finished product”.

The name “Eden” represents precisely this, a place of the eternal soul made of sound, where beginning and end are the same thing.

6 In your opinion, how has being a woman influenced your career and artistic career?

I don’t know, but surely the frustration of living in a world that has always been only on a human scale makes itself felt even more now that I am no longer a child.

We humans still have a long way to go.

Emma Rowen Rose - IINDACO WOMAN

7 You are very attached to your roots, tell us a little about your Naples

Naples inspires and despairs, it is a city that for various ancient geopolitical reasons abandons you a little to yourself. You remain inexplicably linked to it in a visceral way, yet there is not a day that it does not make you suffer. I have also lived elsewhere, but to make you understand even better what I mean, I will make a comparison with another city that I love very much and from which I thought I would never return, London.

I remember perfectly that what I loved about that city was its functionality, London works, Naples breaks down all the time.

Both cities have a lot in common, they are multi-ethnic and full of history, noisy and full of an ever-present past that exudes from the walls of buildings and historical monuments.

But Naples has a damnation that London doesn’t know, yet here I am.

8 Have you ever been afraid to choose between personal life and work?

I don’t think one thing excludes the other.

9 What is the most useful thing you have?

The hair dryer.

10 Do you have any hidden talent?

I make amazing cakes.

11 Any advice for those who are trying to follow their dreams?

If they are true dreams, they will be chasing you.