Lana Albeik

In 2021 we had a pleasant surprise- IINDACO has been very successful in the Middle East market by joining the selection of renowned boutiques such as Bloomingdales Dubai and Kuwait.

This Event inspired us in the search for the new IINDACO Woman, guiding us towards those women who are helping to redefine the image of the Arab Women of today.

The Dubai based model and influencer Lana Albeik who originally hails from Palestine and Syria had totally got our attention . Known for her signature short curly black locks and her huge green eyes, in a few short years her career took off until she became one of the new faces of the British fashion house Burberry.

Graduated in Film & Middle Eastern History and with a master’s in Leadership and Strategy, Lana is an ambitious, passionate and somewhat shy dreamer whom immediately seemed to be the strong and inspirational  woman we were looking for. While getting to know her better we asked her to interpret some of our iconic models following her style.


Hi Lana! What does the ” Blue Hour ” mean for you? … 

it’s my favorite time of the day. just after sunset is a very calming & soothing time, & just before sunrise is a nostalgic time for me. It reminds me of staying up with my siblings & cousins in Syria on our balcony- just before the sunbeams warms our faces. 

And so our interview began…

Lana Albeik IINDACO Woman

11 Questions for Lana Albeik

1 We really love your work, can you tell us how and why you started working in fashion?

 I love fashion, I love dressing up, I love how a nice outfit affects my mood instantly & boosts my confidence. I love impersonating characters with my outfits & being women I wanted to be from my youth.

2 That means you have many fashion muses! Who are they?

The list is so long, but I love the style of the women surrounding me – My closest friends, Parvane, Jenan. Fashion icons from the community around me, like Leena AlGhouti, Maria Alia, Georgia Palmer. I love Bella Hadid’s style too and I love the style of women in the 90’s & early 2000’s. They all inspire me and the list goes on.

3 For your job you have to put yourself out there a lot and be confident – have you always felt that way?

I think it’s fair to say we all feel confident on some days and others not so much. The trick when I feel like I need to feel more confident when on set or during a social event is to play some empowering music, something exciting with a good beat can really boost my confidence. Wearing something empowering & wearing strong makeup also affects my confidence drastically.

4 We usually ask this question to our IINDACO Women because it’s an important topic for us: “Being a woman in the fashion industry is not always easy, have you ever faced difficulties or what were/are your challenges?”

I think when men occupy space within the industry they tend to try to dictate it- no matter what their political views are, the male gaze doesn’t escape the industry and it has and continues to shape the direction it is headed towards. There are certainly some changes but a lot is yet to be done on their end to be able to share the space. That’s a difficulty I face when working with men- they don’t really seem to see things beyond their narrow point of view.

5 What were the sacrifices and obstacles about becoming a model in the Middle East?

Definitely a lot of arguments with my parents. There’s also a lot of restrictions on what you can and can’t do in my cultural and traditional context. My current form of self-expression isn’t as reflective of who I am as I would like it to be, but I am grateful & happy I could still be where I am today.

6 How can you describe the new Arab women?

Past, modern and future; Arab women were always, are and will continue to be resilient, strong & absolutely hot.

Emma Rowen Rose - IINDACO WOMAN

7 Your generation most of all has experienced many social changes, what do you think about it and what are your wishes for the future? 

No one has ever experienced globalization the way we do now. I can’t wait for all this knowledge to unfold ahead of us and help us come to a better, more thoughtful & responsible future, a future where people can be treated equally & live comfortably.

8 What is the most difficult thing you’ve experienced so far? 

The loss of loved ones who were physically far away but felt so close and dear to my heart.

9 How did you deal with it? 

Being surrounded by family & friends & experiencing grieving together.

10 What’s your instant mood booster that helps you make the best of a new day?

Playing jazz or soothing music like Fairuz in the morning sets my day off just right.


11 Final question: Is there any message or advice you would like to share with us? 

My message is a request for our readers to be compassionate, kind, but look sassy.