Marta Pozzan


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Yes, usually the apocalypse is not the second chapter of a story, indeed there should be no apocalypse for any story, but this is what we have and we’ve had to face.
We, more than an end, want to see it as a new beginning, and so it was…

2020 surprised us all with an unwelcome global pandemic, forcing us into our homes sometimes too far from our beloved friends and relatives.
Initially we were very confused, we could not understand the extent of the problem, the Milan fashion week had been very chaotic while the Paris one took place as if nothing was happening.
We can say it frankly: nobody was prepared, both practically and psychologically for such a thing, at least we were not.
And without even realizing it, guided by events and decrees we’ve had to separate, confined in two different houses, in two different cities, in two different countries.
Fears, worries, discouragement and disappointment are hidden presences in every day of this imprisonment, the uncertainty of what it is and what it will be makes everything very complex to plan and organize but we can’t give up so easily, nobody has to give up in similar situations and indeed, with our heads held high, we have to face the problems with hope and positivity: in the world there are always solutions and if you could not find them, just keep searching.
And therefore positivity is our true quarantine companion, supporter of our working days from home, on the sofa or at the desk, that helps us hoping in better times, but we did not find it alone, it was mainly thank to the help of all the messages and the beautiful initiatives shared on social networks by strong and fantastic personalities that we could manage this life changing moment.
One in particular struck us, her energy is contagious and her desire to do and create is unstoppable! When we stumbled upon her hashtag #ICREATEFROMHOME which accompanied a splendid photoshoot taken via webcam we decided to contact her.

Marta Pozzan, an Italian actress and influencer who lives in Los Angeles, has now started creating beautiful photo shoots from home more than a month ago, we asked her how this wonderful idea came to her and she simply replied with extreme naturalness:
“Gabe my photographer came up with it! Now a lot of people are doing it as it’s the most natural way to capture people from a distance.”
And so here it is, IINDACO new campaign made in collaboration with: Star Burleigh (stylist), Gabe Montero (photographer) and Marta Pozzan (our fantastic new IINDACO woman, inspiration for us all).
The project, in addition to being a clear demonstration of how four walls are not enough to stop the desire to do and create, was a campaign with a very low environmental impact: no movement of collaborators, travel, equipment, etc., the only CO2 emitted was that of the expedition of the sample that we, as a brand, compensate thanks to a green shipping program.

Marta, what is for you The Blue Hour?

When you look at the sky and think about something beautiful. Also blue is my favorite color.
We could only be terribly satisfied with the result, and now, with great pleasure, we would like to introduce you a little bit about Marta too…

11 Questions for Marta Pozzan

1 Let’s start with an easy question but that helps us a little to understand you: Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
Kind, fun, loyal, ambitious, and if you want to know something that not a lot of people may know it is that i really like to eat ice cream for breakfast.

2 Do you have any hidden talents?
I can draw.

3 Can you do a cartwheel?
Haha maybe.

4 Who inspires you the most?
People when they’re good.

5 Where do your passions for acting and fashion come from?
I’ve always loved movies and storytelling since I was a kid and my mom would be taking me with her shopping all the time so that’s how I developed a sense of fashion too.

6 For your job you have to be confident and inspirational, have you always felt this way?
Not at all, I was a very awkward and shy kid to be honest with you but then I grew a confident woman; it took a lot of years of work.

7 When you know you’re gonna have a long and heavy work day, is there something you absolutely need to have with you/to do?
Yes, so I try to work out the day before so I feel in shape, I drink more water than normal and wash my hair super early in the morning before the job; it makes me feel fresh and ready.

8 You travel a lot for both work and holidays and of course, eating healthy is important do you have any tricks for staying balanced with what you eat?
I try to only eat twice a day no matter what timezone I’m in. I don’t eat meat and I drink one smoothie a day! Also no coffee is the best thing you can do to your body but sometimes I just give in.

9 We imagine that at the moment you can miss traveling a lot, what’s on your after the quarantine Bucket List?
Working out outside again and seeing my friends, in fact if i could be anywhere in the world right this very minute it would be with them in Sestri Levante at my friend’s house.

10 In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that we will have to face after all this covid-19 situation?
I feel like the workflow has been affected already but I’m positive we’ll find new ways to buy things, to watch movies and so as far as our industry, it’ll reshape itself.
I would hope it will be worth to still buy fashion but what I’m doing right now is all about repurposing and reusing products I already own.

11 But let’s be positive and think about something else, do you feel that you are currently realizing your dreams?
I feel like I’m doing my best for what we’re given at the moment. I want to have my own tv show. I’m working on it.